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Mike Arriaga is a professional career musician and drum performance instructor turned programmer and design thinker. Originally from Long Beach California now based in Seattle, Mike has never let barriers stand in his way when it comes to what he is passionate about doing. Starting in a small garage at age 4, Mike eventually went on to recording, producing, and performing with a few of the world’s most famed musicians and producers.

In 2014, Mike decided to switch his focus from music to designing and building meaningful software, and visual designs to pursue as a career Since then, he has aimed to build projects that benefit every day people with his latest project being a tool that helps Amazon Flex workers visualize their out of pocket expenses. CHECK IT OUT HERE

Technology Agnostic

I am technology agnostic, meaning that I do not pledge allegiance to any one design tool or tech stack. Instead, I am hyper-focused on rapid learning and adapting to many different frameworks, design tools, workflows and situations using optimal learning strategies and intense study regimen.

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